Otaku Bundle #4

Get a GAR Steam Key in the Otaku Bundle #4 for a discounted price!!!


Sale runs until October 20th.

Bundle Mix #2

Get GAR and 8 other games for a low price in Otaku Bundle Mix #2.

The deal runs from 19 June to 26 July.

OtakuMaker Giveway and Bundle

Otaku Maker Bundle #7 is running now. Get 6 Steam games for a 93% discount.

Also, you can take a shot at winning free keys for yourself or a friend here.

Snowbreak Cubic Bundle

Pay what you want for GAR and seven other games in the Snowbreak Cubic Bundle. 1500 sales will unlock another secret game and the top contributors get the next Cubic Bundle for free.

Razor Bundle

Get GAR and a bunch of other cool games for a low price in the Bundle Stars Razor Bundle:


Indie Royale Bundle

Get GAR and 7 other Steam games for a great price in the Indie Royale Bundle from August 28th through September 2nd.

Indie Gala Bundle

Pick up GAR at a sweet low price in the IndieGala Monday Bundle along with 6 other games. Bundle runs from July 14-20th.

Release Candidate Patch April 23rd

Release candidate patch will be live on Steam April 23rd. More details available in the Steam Greenlight Announcement. Assuming there are no showstopping bugs GAR should be available soon after.

GAR Greenlit

Today GAR got approved for release on Steam along with 99 other titles. Thanks to everyone who voted and especially those who purchased a beta key. Looks like it is gonna be a busy Labor Day weekend. Here are the final stats for any anyone interested in further details about the Greenlight program.

Those interested can check out more detailed stats over at our dev blog.

Steam Codes and Groupees Charity Bundle

GAR Steam Product codes are now available. Not sure about buying? Check out the overview page or download the single-player demo.

Congrats to everyone who purchased the Groupees Be Mine Anniversary Bundle and got a copy of GAR while also giving to a charitable cause!

Votes wanted: If you enjoy the game, we would greatly appreciate your vote for our Greenlight Project. This will get us advertising space on Steam and provide many more players for you to shoot at.

Reviewers wanted: Do you run a gaming review site or YouTube channel? Contact us for free reviewer codes. Include a link to your gaming site or channel.

Server Admins Wanted: Got an extra box with some decent bandwidth? Host a GAR Server and we will hook you up with game keys for you and a few friends. Contact us with the name and IP of your server.

Giveaways Ended

The SteamGifts giveaway is now over. If you missed out, we will be doing another soon.

The special free promotion of 1000 copies of the game on Noxiousnet gaming forum is now over. Congrats to every who signed up and got a free game. ;)


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